发现BG体育, our famous seaside city that's just a few minutes from campus, officially the happiest city in England for students*.

Life in 布赖顿 - the happiest city in England for students

A sunny seaside city famous for its sense of inclusivity – there can be few better places to be a student than 布赖顿. 充满活力和世界性, it’s a place where you can express yourself and be who you want to be, all just a few minutes from our campus.

布赖顿 is located on England’s South Coast in the county of East Sussex. It’s only an hour away from Central London by train and 30 minutes from London Gatwick, one of the UK's major international airports.


BG体育的海滨 is the ideal place to soak up the sun in the summer, or take bracing walks to clear your head on winter days. 沿着舞会你会发现咖啡馆és, bars and nightclubs, as well as beach and water sports.


One of the nicest things about studying at Sussex is that the natural surroundings make it easy to take your mind off things when you need a break.”汤姆安森
Gender, Violence and Conflict MA


的车道 is a maze of alleyways crammed with quirky boutiques, antique jewellery shops and tempting cafés, 酒吧和餐馆. North Laine has one of the largest selections of independent shops on England’s South Coast, and is a perfect spot to grab a coffee and watch the world go by.



这个城市有一些 best club nights in the country, along with fantastic 酒吧, restaurants, independent cinemas and a great live music scene.


音乐 is a way of life in 布赖顿. Walk around the city and you might bump into legends past and present who’ve found a home in this unique location. With an estimated 500 bands in the city, and 每周每晚都有演出, you’re bound to find something for you.

国际ly, the city is known for 大逃亡, the UK’s leading showcase for new music.

Even though I’ve never lived abroad before, I’ve found where I want to stay.Mariana de Jesus Diaz Fernandez
Media Practice for Development and Social Change MA


Throughout May the city hosts England’s biggest arts festival. BG体育的节日 features theatre, music, art and visual media by leading names from around the world. And all year round there are plays, 艺术展览, gigs and 事件 at many of the theatres, 酒吧, museums and galleries in the city.

布赖顿 is a hub for the performing arts. Venues range from small theatres above 酒吧 to The Theatre Royal, featuring West End productions.

BG体育也是 约克公爵的影楼, an art house cinema, which is claimed to be the oldest in the country. There are also two multiplex cinemas in the city.

其他 major arts 事件 include:



BG体育到处都是 cafés, restaurants and coffee shops. Whether you want to dine in style or 抓住便宜的交易, take afternoon tea or try an award-winning curry, you’ll find something to suit your taste and your budget. 布赖顿 also has some of the best vegetarian restaurants in the country.



如果你喜欢运动的话, 或者只是一个旁观者, the city has plenty of opportunities to get involved:

  • the Amex Stadium, close to our campus, is home to 布赖顿 and Hove Albion Football Club, newly promoted to the English Premier League for the 2017/18 season
  • 观看板球比赛 BG体育app板球俱乐部 在附近的霍夫
  • join over 12,000 other runners through the streets of 布赖顿 for the 布赖顿马拉松 – there’s also a half marathon in February
  • ride the London to 布赖顿 Bike Ride, where thousands of cyclists complete the 50-mile course from the capital to 布赖顿.

The seafront is also a great place to get active, 在海里游泳, 帆板运动, 冲浪板, 尾波滑水, 帆船和桨板.


BG体育app的校园也有奇妙的 体育设施 and lots of teams to get involved with.


买一些墨西哥街头小吃, try Pan-Asian fine dining or buy ingredients from an Afro-Caribbean or Asian supermarket. 布赖顿’s international community and culture means you are never far from home comforts or trying something new.

You can go to a range of 事件 that celebrate 布赖顿’s diversity, including:

  • CINECITY, which showcases films from all over the globe
  • BG体育范围 外籍人士团体, which host formal and informal 事件.

There are also three mosques and an Islamic centre, 天主教和英国国教, 佛教中心, 四个犹太教堂, and Greek and Coptic Orthodox churches in 布赖顿 and the local area.

Find out about life in 布赖顿 as an international student

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